Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to your word in Job 22:28 which says, I shall decree and declare a thing and it will be established for me:

  1. I therefore thank you Heavenly Father that year 2022 is my year of great and abundant supernatural harvest in Jesus Name.
  1. According to Ecclesiastes 3:2b There is a season to plant and a time to harvest.
  1. I Decree and Declare that my year of all-round harvest has come In Jesus Name.
  1. I command a harvest of souls is coming into the Kingdom of God and King Dunamis Ministries International Church.
  1. I decree and I declare 30-fold, 60-fold, and 100-fold harvest will overtake my life in this year. Halleluiah, thank you Jesus!
  1. Father, I declare the floodgates of a harvest anointing to come upon my life, family, and ministry in Jesus.
  1. Oh Lord of the harvest, we send you forth into the highways and byways of world to begin to harvest souls for Christ in Jesus Name.
  1. I command that in 2022 I have land you did not labor for, and cities I did not build, though I live in them; I will eat from vineyards and olive groves I did not plant. Joshua 24:13
  1. In the name of Jesus Christ, this will be the sign for me: This year 2022 I will eat what grows on its own, I will plant vineyards, and eat their fruits.
  1. I decree and I declare that God’s anointing is being released over my life in a new way so that I will have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to operate my harvest for a continue increase in Jesus Name.
  1. I Decree and Declare, a continuous increase of spiritual blessings, financial blessing, medical blessing, emotional blessing, phycological blessing, economical blessings on my life, family, and KDM in Jesus Name.
  1. I decree and declare that I shall not build, and another inhabit; I shall not plant, and another eat for as the days of a tree so will my day be. Isa 65:22
  1. In Jesus Name I will reap with songs of joy in 2022.
  1. I decree and I declare that the Lord of the Harvest rules and reigns over all that I have and that none of it can be plundered, stolen, or corrupted!
  1. As I give myself to a lifestyle of praises unto God; my earth shall yield her increases unto me IJN – Psalm 67:7

I decree and declare that these declarations are established and covered with the blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. Amen

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