One of the very first lessons I heard preached at King Dunamis was “Give it to God.” At Sunday service and again at Wednesday Bible study and Friday Prayer Rain service this was the recurring message. For a person who needed to control their environment as much as possible and who was afraid to relinquish that little bit of control for fear that everything would fall apart, this was the hardest lesson to learn but it also was the most beneficial one.

Indeed, once I started to “let go and let God” I became less anxious, not worrying about everything as much as I used to. Gradually I became less angry, less frustrated and I stopped feeling defeated. A sense of peace came over me as I started to realize that God had me in the palm of his hand. Miracles started to manifest in my life such as a promotion to management at my place of work after 4 years of stagnant dissatisfaction, followed by a raise, followed by the dismissal of a supervisor who had been a previous cause of worry over my job. Once I let God take charge of my life, all the obstacles were removed and I now know that any new obstacle that presents itself is just a new opportunity for God to manifest Himself on my behalf.

I’m sincerely thankful for King Dunamis Ministries and to Sister Mary for introducing me to the church three years ago. I truly believe in the church’s motto: “Where the word of a king is, there is power.” Thanks to what I’ve experienced at KDM, I’ve let go of my false sense of control and now fully depend on the power of God.

Kafui Osseyi