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Special Prayer Time

Pray continuously until you can feel within you, yes it is done. It is written "pray until your joy is full". You will pray according to John chapter five,

John 5:19

1. Father, release me into my full capacity to what You want me to be, in Jesus' name.

2. Father let Your image in me prove who I am to this generation in Jesus’ name (Genesis 1:26: Let Us make man in Our own image).

3. In like manner, let me do what is expected of me in you, in Jesus' name.

John 5:20

1. In Jesus' name, Father because of Your love for me, show me all the things You're doing for me that I may walk in them.

2. Father, show me greater things in Your fullness that will make me marvel and people around me to glorify You in the name of Jesus.

John 5:21

Father, raise the dead and Son, give life to who You will.

O Lord Jesus, bring to life in Your power every good gift and all that I have lost and are dead in me that they will glorify Your name in Jesus' name.

John 5:23

It was the Father's decision to put the Son (Jesus) in the place of honor.

1. Everything in me that dishonors God, I bind you and cast you out of my life today, in Jesus' name!

2. Father by Your spirit, put me into a place of honor as You move Jesus our Lord into a place of honor, in Jesus' name.

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