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God's Visitation:

Genesis 18:1 Then the Lord appeared unto Abraham in the heat of the day. The “heat of the day” represents the toughest and hard times of one’s life. In a time like that we need God to appear in our situation.

What Abraham did in verse two was:
1: He lifted up his eyes.
2: He looked.
3: He ran out of his tent, out of his comfort zone.
4: He bowed himself to the ground, which means that he gave up his pride.

What followed this action was that in verse 3 he made a request. The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord; and because of this true statement, and because Abraham acted as expected of a person with the spirit of God, through his humility and generosity, the spirit must have quickened him and prompted him to make his timely request. The spirit must have discerned the three visitors for they were angels and Abraham knew it not.

Abraham showed his generosity in verses four and five when he said “Let a little water be brought and wash your feet”. What is the probability that you, yourself as a person, would see strangers and not knowing their intent or mission would go out of your way to do what Abraham did? Would you, with your fortune, serve someone who comes your way with apparently nothing to show for it?

In verse 5, Abraham made the three men comfortable. How possible is it these days to exercise such an act of generosity to a group of people whose purpose you are unaware of?

The outcome of Abraham’s actions:
The strangers agreed to his request to fetch them water for their feet. In the time of Jesus, Jesus demonstrated this same act by washing the feet of His disciples.

Many individuals cannot part with what they have. They cannot share. Some do it for a while and then stop. Proverb 3:13 says “Do not be weary in doing good".

Galatians 6:7-10 says “We must not deceive ourselves, God cannot be mocked, what you sow is what you reap. You cannot plant a corn and harvest a pear this cannot be”. And don't get tired in tending to what you sow; it takes a little while for a seed you plant to germinate and it requires patience, some effort and care to enable you to reap the expected harvest.

Don't lose heart in whatever you are doing for there is always a harvest waiting for you. What you sow and what you reap depend on how you tend to your seed, meaning you must further care for it while the harvest nears. The less the follow-up the less the possibility of experiencing good returns from the harvest. Ask a farmer for more on this subject.

We see how Abraham hurriedly and hastily ran to prepare a meal for the three men. What was important about these men? Abraham was God’s model of a faithful friend; he was a trusted individual. He was chosen by God himself because of all qualities he possessed, uncommon qualities that were hard to find at that particular time and in this present age.

These three men that appeared to Abraham, according to the witness I have in my spirit man, were sent to prove that God’s decision over Abraham was the right one. Abraham was a man of faith and his faith was accounted for right standing with God.

1 John 5:7-8 “For there are three that bear witness in heaven”. Three bear witness on earth also according to the word of God.

Abraham proved God right in his character and established the fact that God does not make mistakes. His ways are far different from ours. His choice when decisions are taken is always the right one.

The effect of Abraham’s good deed:
Abraham’s good heart, generosity, kindness, selfless effort and the love for God, even while not knowing what to expect from the three strangers that showed up in his life, gave him the courage to do what no natural person would do.

1: Genesis 18:9-10 An unusual blessing was pronounced on him. These three witnesses confirm what God had been saying about Abraham. What can God say about you and how can you justify every action you are taking?

When these three men were satisfied with what they saw, they pronounced the unusual blessing which God approved immediately and it was so.

Though his wife Sarah thought that God was joking, there is no joking with decision makers. The one who received the promise must believe in the promise, and this is what Abraham did.

Many times God will give or send you a message that is hard to believe, but you have to stand on what God is saying and not on what or how others feel about what He is saying to you. Sarah laughed within herself in Genesis 18:12.

God will do a new thing Isaiah 43:19 and the secret to this is that you must forget the past and move forward. Isaiah 43:18 says "Do not remember the former thing nor consider the thing of old".

2: God speaks His mind on what he wants to do next. In Genesis 18:17. Many people want God to speak to them, but cannot do what God expects of them.

3: Genesis 21:1 The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord fulfilled what he had promised unto Abraham.

You can learn from the life of Abraham, the father of faith. Doing good and showing hospitality was one of his qualities. Demonstrate a character that God will be proud of. In whatever you are going through; just know that it is not over yet. God will visit you and what you need to do is keep up with who God has called you to be so that your unusual miracle can be activated for everyone to see and for you to rejoice!

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